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Greetings! I am Sepanta Pouya, a senior Product Designer and mentor with years of experience collaborating within cross-functional product teams. I have a diverse skill set that includes strategic implementation and facilitating the Design Thinking process. Particularly, my experience has been focused on leading UX and UI projects, consistently prioritizing a user-centric approach.

Connecting the dots between large-scale concepts and pragmatic outcomes is what fuels my passion. I firmly believe that every design, no matter the scale or scope, should have its roots in the needs and expectations of its intended users. In each of my interactions, my commitment is to advocate for the users, building solutions that effectively cater to their requirements.


Jul 2022 - Present

Senior Product Designer


Conducted qualitative and quantitative research to identify user needs and preferences, and made data-driven decisions to improve product design. Identified new and creative solutions to meet the needs of users by studying market trends and analyzing similar products. Improved the product design process by introducing new design techniques and tools. Provided innovative product design ideas to team members through the use of visual tools such as wireframes. Designed the user interface and user experience to create an engaging and user-friendly product. Collaborated closely with team members to receive feedback, answer questions, and improve the product design process. Collected feedback from users through usability tests and other evaluation methods to improve the product's overall experience. Prepared documentation to complete the user interface designs, ensuring clarity and consistency. Supervised product design implementation to ensure an attractive experience for users. Collaborated and assisted the product manager in identifying priorities in the product design process, and ensuring that product design goals aligned with business objectives.

Jan 2019 - Present

User Experience Designer and mentor


With more than four years of professional experience in the field of UX and Visual Design, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients to provide innovative design solutions that improve the overall customer experience. Throughout my career, I have collaborated on 10+ UX and product design projects and contracts with small and large companies based in Canada, Iran, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia. My unique perspective and diverse experience enable me to provide valuable insights and creative solutions that drive success for my clients. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others and have become a skilled mentor in UX and Visual Design. By providing tailored guidance, comprehensive feedback, and personalized support, I help aspiring designers and industry professionals alike take their skills and abilities to the next level.

May 2021 - Dec 2021

User Experience Designer

Iran Dargah

As a former UX/UI Designer at Iran Dargah, a leading e-commerce company in Iran, I had the privilege of working on a range of exciting projects that helped improve the overall user experience for our customers. During my time at Iran Dargah, I played an instrumental role in creating user flow for the application, redesigning the Android app, designing UI motions for the website and app, designing social media/website elements, and improving the company's visual identity. Through these efforts, I was able to not only provide innovative design solutions that improved user engagement and satisfaction but also ensure that all features were in line with central bank laws and regulations.


2023 - Present

Master of Computer Applications - MCA

Islamic Azad University

2021 - Present

UX cources

The Interaction Design Foundation

2018 - 2022

Bachelor of Computer Engineering - BE

University of Kashan